Non-Profit Organization

Breathe. Reflect. Ask. Concentrate. Educate



BRACE First, Inc., Is an Organization committed to serving Fayetteville, North Carolina and surrounding areas in the state. We were founded in August of 2018. BRACE First was established to provide long and short term support to those who need a helping hand, or a boost of assurance from someone who understands.

We partner with members of the community who have first hand experience in numerous life changes, and different foundations to find resources and direct people towards assistance. We are determined to aid people to their next destination all across the state of North Carolina. OUR MAIN FOCUS is to lend a hand to any individual or family to get to that place of comfort & assurance. (Helping transition from one situation to a more comfortable situation).


BRACE First, Inc., has a mission; and that is to help make YOUR transition smoother, easier and more comfortable than expected.  We are a non-profit 501(c)3, non-political, and non-religious organization. We support the general public in the United States of America. Our purpose is to educate, prevent poverty, promote our cultural values, and aid those in their self-esteem, and in coping with their unfamiliar transitions in life.


BRACE First, Inc. Treats everyone that we speak to, come in contact with, or virtually communicate to, with respect and dignity.  Everyone is considered family, because they are apart of our community. We strive to keep our visitors, members, and others as comfortable as we possible can as we aid them in this tough and unfamiliar time.  We extend friendly welcomes and departure to everyone.  We hope you become and remain a part of our life ventures. :)